Never again without… Ankle Booties.

I have to admit that I can’t write about my “fashion memories” from the 80’s (I was too young-kidding), I was just living in a place were fashion, tendencies and glamour were kind of words in the vocabulary you never use. So I didn’t get trough the time that ankle booties were only intended to be used beneath classic trousers (a little bit boring so glad I skipped). It was until some fashion designers (I think Miuccia Prada, Christian Louboutin were the pioneers) just though: why are we hiding these shoes? why not wear them with dresses, and skirts, and everything? The frenzie started and women just paired the ankle booties with everything in their wardrobes, even shorts. Since that ankle booties make us feel punk and trendy and chic.
Some simple rules:
  • if you are going to wear ankle booties with pants try to keep the colors matched. A pair of black skinny jeans with black booties will make you look fabulous and taller ;) 
  • if you are going to pair them with a miniskirt give a try to opaque and heavy tights. The intent is the same as above (long legs) and unless you are Bianca Balti illusion will help.
  • Ankle booties are a rare exception in the fashion world, why? because they are comfortable. So they can be an intrepid alternative to pumps.
  • we love to mismatch feminine and masculine and in this case is “piece of cake”. Flaunt an extralarge necklace, put some red lipstick and go for it.



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